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Between 1860 and 1890, the Necedah area was a thriving lumber town but began to decline in population about 1890 with the depletion of the virgin timber.

In 1899, Charles Babcock was given a private banking license by the State of Wisconsin and in 1903 was incorporated as a commercial bank.

In 1915, the entire business district of Necedah was destroyed by fire. Most of the present business buildings, including the current bank building were constructed in 1916. The exterior architecture on the bank has remained virtually unchanged since that time.

The bank survived the depression of the 1930's and has continued to function uninterrupted since its organization in 1899.

In 2003, The Necedah Bank was purchased by Ambanc Financial Services, Inc.  Since that time we have grown through the upgrading of technology and making new products and services available to our customers. 




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